Graphics Card Comparison Chart – Best Graphics Cards For The Money

gtx 780 tiBesides having an awesome gaming monitor, you will have to pair it with a similarly powerful graphics card in order to fully utilize its performance. After all, what’s the point of having a 27″ 144 Hz capable monitor if your video card can barely support anything over 60 FPS when the in-game settings are set at the maximum or even High?

Sadly, most of us are tied to a budget, which means that choosing the absolute best graphics card in the market is out of the question. Plus, the price of a card isn’t necessarily indicative of its performance. You have to look at its model and make too. A cheaper video card could in fact perform significantly better than a pricier version when it comes to gaming.

So, perhaps the more appropriate query here should be: What is the best graphics card for the money that you can get?

Here, we’ve compiled a graphics card comparison table for you so that you can easily determine the best choice for your PC based on your budget. You can also sort the table by clicking on the headers. To keep things simple, we’ve only listed the top 8 best cards that will offer you the greatest bang for your buck:

Graphics Cards With No Budget Limit

Model *Benchmark Score *Price (USD) **Score Per Dollar Amazon Rating No. Of Amazon Reviews
GeForce GTX 970 8701 $399 21.81 4.5/5 95
GeForce GTX 780 8061 $480 16.79 4.7/5 197
GeForce GTX 770 6177 $320 19.3 4.8/5 191
GeForce GTX 760 4983 $226 22.06 4.6/5 429
GeForce GTX 670 5385 $524 10.51 4.6/5 168
GeForce GTX 660 Ti 4687 $400 11.75 4.5/5 68
Radeon R9 290 6427 $400 16.91 4.2/5 28
Radeon HD 7950 4662 $256 18.21 4.5/5 13

Graphics Cards Below $200

Model *Benchmark Score *Price (USD) **Score Per Dollar Amazon Rating No. Of Amazon Reviews
Radeon R9 270X 4518 $175 25.38 4.6/5 54
GeForce GTX 480 4349 $199 21.75 4.6/5 48
Radeon R9 270 4215 $165 26.35 4.6/5 51

*The benchmark scores, prices & score per dollar are plucked from and may change from time to time.
**Score per dollar basically indicates how much performance you can get from every dollar spent. The higher the value, the more bang for your buck you’re getting.

gtx titan black

What About The GTX Titan?

No, none of the GeForce Titan, Titan Z, Titan Black or Quadro K6000 made it to our list because those cards are simply too expensive, and they offer similar performance to other cards that are half the price.

The¬†GeForce 7XX and 9XX series offer significantly more value compared to the Titan series or any other brands or previous models that it’ll be a total waste not to opt for one of these. The most notable ones would be the GTX 770 for the perfect balance of graphical power and cost, but if you’re on a really tight budget, the GTX 760 should serve your needs just fine.

Which Card Should You Get?

To give you a rough idea on what you might need here, for a single 1920 x 1080 monitor (22-24″ and some 27″ displays), a single GTX 770 (or any other cards with a score of over 6000) should be enough to max out the more graphics intensive games (Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Battlefield 4) at a constant 60 FPS.

For 1440p 27″ monitors and above however, we highly recommend getting a GTX 970 if you want to play on Ultra settings.