Gaming On A 27″ IPS Monitor

Auria EQ276W multi-monitor display

Gaming on a 1440p resolution display is unbelievably immersive. I’ve always thought that any monitors that can support a resolution of over 1080p is unnecessary and even a waste of graphical resources because the screen is simply too huge for you to process all the details being projected on it. However, after giving the Auria EQ276W IPS monitor a try, I was convinced I had to get one.

Sadly, it currently costs about $400 so that’s not really an option right now considering my last monitor (BenQ 2420TE) had cost me close to $300 and the graphics card that I upgraded into a GTX 690 will certainly be unable to support the maximum graphical settings for a 1440p resolution. Plus, I’ve always wanted to have a multi-monitor display like Swifty in World of Warcraft. I suspect that even the GTX Titan would have trouble powering up a 1440p resolution multi-display for the latest games like Crysis 3 if you were to tweak the settings to their max. Perhaps a dual Titan in SLI/crossfire might, but who could afford such things right?

Anyway, we all should already know how well IPS monitors are performing over TN monitors, at least in terms of the quality of the image on display. Sure, you’ll lack the response time and refresh rates of TN displays but at least you’d still be able to enjoy sharper images and greater color accuracy for performing other tasks on your computer (like photo editing). Even if you’re not into things like that or you’re purely a gamer, an IPS monitor could still be a very good choice if you prefer to see fancier graphics over scoring better kills in your FPS matches.

The Aura EQ276W is certainly one of these IPS monitors that are able to provide you with a tremendously alluring experience provided your PC has the capability to support the resolution at a decent graphical setting. After all, it doesn’t make sense to be playing games like Assassin’s Creed 4 on 1440p whilst having to sacrifice on things like Nvidia’s latest HBAO+ or ultra quality on shadows, anti-aliasing and whatnot, does it? A 20-minute test on the Aura EQ276W almost made me fall in love with it till I saw its price tag. Arguably, it is a pretty decently priced gaming monitor at $400. In fact, you’re actually only forking out an additional $100 or so to upgrade from a 24″ IPS to a 27″ one. That’s a small leap in price for a huge jump in the display size.

The only thing that held me back (and is still currently holding me back) is the fact that my gaming rig simply isn’t powerful enough to warrant such a huge display. Otherwise, I would’ve gotten it in a heartbeat. What is it like playing on a 27 inch IPS monitor? Well, it’s basically the same as gaming on a 24″ IPS like the U2412M Ultrasharp from Dell but you’re able to see increased details from further away. It’s like being able to zoom in to spot the little details that are being displayed far into the background. Does it give you an advantage in gaming? Not really. You might even do better in terms of your gaming performance (kills/death ratio) in competitive play with a smaller display actually since there’s less on the monitor to process but if you’re looking to lose yourself in the gaming world, you’d want a display that’s as large as your budget allows it to be.

In short, if you’re looking to replace your current monitor with a 27  inch IPS monitor, you’d better be sure that your gaming rig can comfortably support the latest games at a minimum of 40 FPS at the best settings. Otherwise, you’re better off sticking to a 24 or even 23″ monitor till you have the money to upgrade to these toys.