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Thanks for stopping by to check us out! We’re a bunch of gamers who’re constantly looking to upgrade our peripherals and as much as we’d like an easy way out to do that, it can get rather bothersome and time-consuming occasionally thanks to the endless supply of information out there on the internet. Plus, most of the information scattered about in the forums and many websites are based upon personal opinions or the general perception that a particular individual has instead of solid and useful facts about the products themselves.

After years of spending a significant amount of time and effort every time we’re looking for an equipment upgrade, we thought to ourselves; what the heck, why not do all of this ourselves instead of hoping for someone else to come up with something useful.

We thought it’d be cool to have a single place where all the details and specifications of the best gaming equipment can be compiled for simpler comparative purposes and so, we’ve come up with a massive Gaming Monitors Comparison Chart here to help others out in their search! Practically every single factor that should be considered in your purchases will be listed right here so you don’t have to spend too much time yourself trying to hunt down all of the available information.

This project of ours on gaming monitors will be one of many that will hopefully cater to the needs of all our other gaming brethren who may be out there cracking their heads trying to be figure out which piece of hardware would be best based on their budget, needs and personal preferences.

Anyway, good luck to you guys and if you have any questions, you can just leave us a message at our Contact Us page or you could also leave a comment on one of the posts on this website.

Thanks for visiting us again! We hope you’ll manage to find the best gaming monitor for you based on the information provided here!